Things to Consider When Choosing Pallets

Hundreds of different sizes of pallets are actually used worldwide. While there are no specific standard sizes of pallets that are used for different applications, two designs of pallets are being widely utilized in the US. The block style of pallets has blocks that can be square, rectangular, cylindrical deck spacer, or multi-sided between the decks of the pallet or beneath its top deck. Most of the time, these kinds of pallets are highly suitable for many ranges of handling environments because of its open access on all its sides.

Aside from that, the stringer style also has stringers, which are parallel pieces of timber that are used in order to support as well as space the components of decks beneath the deck panel or between the boards of the deck. Stringer pallets also cost much less compared to block, however, they’re not that strong enough. Aside from that, stringer pallets only let you have four-way partial access the moment the stringers are notched.

What is the best kind of pallet for your business needs? In order to tell which proper type of pallet for your business, consider this quick guide for selecting pallets.

1. Consider the Goods

What goods are you shipping? Specific styles and sizes of pallets exist for shipping or transporting products like electronics, food, industrial parts and manufacturing equipment to name a few. Also, for some products, chemically treated or heat-treated products are extremely important so that the products will be guarded against mold and pesticides while it’s being shipped.

2. Consider the Weight

What’s the weight of your products? The pallet that you choose should be capable enough in terms of supporting the materials’ weight that’s being shipped. Furthermore, block-style wood pallets can be able to carry heavy weight. On the other hand, pallets that are made of plastics are cleaner and more durable, not to mention the fact that it can be stacked easily.

3. Consider the Performance

Try to identify if how durable you want your pallet to be that will match the needs of your business. Will the pallet be able to endure the difficulties in shipping and the handling? It’s very important that you know how durable your pallet should be because in that way, you will be able to know what size of pallet you should use and what material of pallets you will need.

Pallet Management Program

It’s very important that you have the right pallet management program since it can make a really big impact on your business. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have internal resources dedicated to pallet inventory monitoring. Instead, most of the operations and logistics professionals wear many hats and usually, pallet inventory management and sourcing are not always prioritized.

But, if this is left unchecked, companies might scramble during the last minute in order to replenish supplies and may pay a premium in the process. This is why in order for you to have a much better pallet management program, it’s highly advised that you contact a professional Houston custom pallet manufacturing company.

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