Budgee Budgee Location and History
Budgee Budgee Roadside Sign Budgee Budgee is a locality. It is not a village. The name first appeared on old maps. How the name originated is not known. The name or a close related one does not appear in dictionaries or in lists of “Wiradjuri” (the local clan) or other Aboriginal place names. (More ...)
Budgee Budgee Inn
Budgee Budgee InnOld Land Title Certificates are full of historical information. The wording of them is quaint, to say the least. The Title Certificate for the Budgee Budgee Inn was issued in 1861 after a grant of land was sold at ‘upset price’ of £43 following an attempted sale by auction. It was part of a purchase of 43 acres of crown land. (More ...)
Budgee Budgee Butcher's Shop
Budgee Budgee Butcher's ShopThe Budgee Budgee butcher’s shop, c1860, was once owned by Roland Underwood. He had in his employ Jacky Underwood, who slaughtered cattle for him. This was before Jacky Underwood joined Jimmy Governor and his gang. The gangs’ three and a half months rampage resulted in eleven brutal murders in 1900. (More ...)
Budgee Budgee Song
Budgee Budgee SongEvery true Australian has heard of Henry Lawson and his poems and stories and his involvement with republicanism, socialism and feminism. Hardly anyone has heard of the other Lawson brothers Peter, known as ‘Birdie’ and Charles who composed and wrote the words of the Budgee Budgee Song. (More ...)
Flora and Fauna
King ParrotThe flora and fauna of Budgee Budgee has changed over the years. Some native species have disappeared as development has taken place. One of the most common food sources for the local indigenous population was the common pigweed the minute black seeds of which were collected and ground into flour. (More ...
Aboriginal Place Names
Windradyne, a great warrior, leader of the WiradjuriThe Wiradjuri were the local Budgee Budgee clan. Their tribal area stretched as far as Wellington and the Mudgee region was only a small part of their hunting grounds. Aboriginal place names abound in and around the district. (More ...
Washing for goldGold was first discovered in payable quantities in Australia in 1851 at Orphir near Orange. Perhaps the most notable local discovery of gold was in Golden Gully, adjacent to Budgee Budgee, in 1857 by the Wurth brothers. (More ...
Pipeclay Pianist
Pipeclay Pianist Marguerite de PachmannThe localities of Budgee Budgee, Buckaroo, Botobolar, Black Springs and Eurunderee were once clustered together and simply known as Pipeclay with Eurunderee being known as New Pipeclay. This caused confusion in the delivery of mail and after a complaint by the postmaster at Pipeclay, Daniel Tierney, the postmaster at New Pipeclay suggested that his locality should be changed to Eurunderee and this was done.

Australia has produced many artists of international standing. Here is the story of a remarkable life journey that begins on the Pipeclay goldfields in the 1860s and ends up on the concert platforms of Europe and America. ( platforms of Europe and America. ( platforms of Europe and America. (More ...)
Ross’s Farm
Fire at Ross's FarmThroughout his life Henry Lawson always carried a large chip on his shoulder. If he took sides in his verse and prose, with selectors against squatters, it was no doubt because he never forgot he was the son of a free selector and never forgot what hopeless drudgery that meant. (More ...)

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Budgee Budgee Sign

Budgee Budgee roadside sign.

Locality of Budgee Budgee

Locality of Budgee Budgee in relation to Mudgee.